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Ponnamaravathy comes under the purview of Pudukottai district administration. The town is located at a distance of 38 km from the district headquarters. The town is situated in the state highways connecting Ponnamaravthy and Pudukottai. All the important towns such as Madurai, Karaikudi, and Pudukottai are within a distance of 50 km from the town. History of the town dates back since 17th century. Temples in the town are citied in Old Tamil Literature, Silapathaikaram. This indicates that the town has a connection Cholan and Pandyan kingdoms.

Long ago, i.e., since 16th century, Ponnamaravathy was a separate kingdom and it was named after the kings Ponnan and Amaran. The town was built by these kings. The ancient Nachiamman temple of the town is mentioned in Silapathikaram, an old Tamil literature showing the prominence of the town since olden days. Moreover, the literature revels that the town had link between Cholan and Pandayan dynasties. The town has witnessed large number of wars between the Cholas and Pandyas. In the 12th Century there was a war between Pandayas and Singalars in this region. The town has large number of historical landmarks revealing the ancient traits of the town. The town has a large man made tank named after the King Amarkandan, it’s called as “Amarkandan Oorani”.

The Siva temple in the town was built by Raja Raja Cholan II. There is an important place in the town called as “Natukal”, the place where the king Ponnamaran died and even today the stone is the symbol of pride and respect patronizing Tamil warriors and their bravery.

The town has developed with the bazaar as the nodal point. The town consists of three major habitations, Ponnamaravathy, Valayapatti and Pudhupatti. Of them the major commercial activities are concentrated in the habitation of Ponnamaravathy, which has separate streets for each particular mode of commercial activity. Pudhupatti and Valayapatti, has residential land use to a greater extent. Most of the houses in this region are built in the Chettinadu architectural style.

Farming is the main occupation of the nearby villages. Rice, sugarcane, groundnut, cereals and all kinds of vegetables are cultivated in plenty. There is an oldest siva temple that dates back to thousand years which was under the control of Archaeological Survey of India. Ponnamaravati Taluk is bounded by S. Pudur Taluk towards west, Singampunari Taluk towards west, Kottampatti Taluk towards west, Tiruppathur Taluk towards South . Pudukkottai City, Natham City, Karaikudi City, Sivaganga City are the nearby Cities to Ponnamaravathi. This Place is in the border of the Pudukkottai District and Sivaganga District.

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Hotel Annamalai Ponnamaravathi - Hotels in Ponnamaravathi, Best Hotels in Ponnamaravathi, Conference Hall in Ponnamaravathi, Party Halls in Ponnamaravathi